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Whether volunteer leadership in our profession or communities, or managing within tight budgets with pro bono add-ons, PufferPR is always involved. Involvement is an incredible platform for life-long learning. It’s a long list but we believe every organization we touch is an important one.

Since 1998, our mission has been to tell YOUR story. We enhance the reputation and security of organizations through strategic and creative efforts that articulate your strengths, goals and values to your targeted markets and audiences.

It's Your Story

Building Influence  

 Your Image counts...

Member of the International Association of Business Communicators since 1974.  

What we do 

International, local or startup – PufferPR is available 24/7 to address your communications needs. Engage us for full projects, bring us on as temporary communications staff, or supplement your large agency assignment. Our diverse client list bears out the breadth of PufferPR’s experience and versatility since 1998.

Helping clients shine

Image is critical.  Every organization has a story to tell – about successes, opportunities, people, values, offerings and more.  Sometimes you just need to take a deeper look to find the passion that will sell your brand.  We can help create, reinforce and reinvigorate your image. 

collaborating is key

The team is number one.  We can work alone, pull in additional team members as needed or work as subcontractors in larger agency projects. Barbara Puffer is hands-on with all projects as senior counsel and leader but the strategic and creative work is always a collaboration.